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Posted by Editor on March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014; Mumbai: The Craftsmen, Artistes & Designers Promotion Forum or CADPF – a newly-formed NGO has decided to take up the cause of octogenarian and Padmashree Sitara Devi’s demand for a Dance Academy in Mumbai.

Kathak exponent and and a student of Sitara Devi’s daughter Jayantimala – Ranjana Bhattacharya of the CADPF said, “For decades since the late 1970s, 94-year-old Kathak Queen Padmashree Sitara Devi has been demanding a decent sized plot of land in or around Mumbai to start a residential dance academy to educate students both in Classical and modern styles of dance. She has met hundreds of politicians, collectors and even private individuals and corporate CEOs to support her dream but her demands have fallen on deaf years. The 94-year-old-plus Sitara Devi has been living in Mumbai for over 80 years now and while politicians and businessmen have been allocated plots over the years, this dancing legend has been sidelined and ignored.”

The CADPF has launched an online petition with a signature collection drive  located at and requested all lovers of all forms of dance and particularly Kathak to join this campaign to demand a professional and independent Dance Academy in Mumbai comparable to the best in the World.

To support this campaign and to SUPPORT SITARA DEVIdemand for an Independent Dance Academy in Mumbai go to and leave your comments. Please mention your full name, location and email id to ensure that your submission is valid. Your comment with your correct full name, location and email id will be counted as one vote.


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SHOCKING: Rahul Roy asks Arshi Khan to strip?

Posted by Editor on February 7, 2014

Model and actress Arshi Khan was shocked and dumbfounded when Mahesh Bhatt Production’s Aashiqui hero Rahul Roy,  who was on her friend list on Facebook asked her to send nude images via the popular social networking site. The 25-year-old Afghanistan-born was too surprised to say anything. Being an Aashiqui fan, Arshi had Rahul Roy on her friend’s list for quite some time now, though she had never chatted with the person behind the profile.

On Sunday, when she received a ‘hi’ she was intrigued. They say, once bitten, twice shy. After a fake Huma Qureshi demanded money for some social work, Arshi was doubly careful. She checked the profile before venturing a reply. The Rahul Roy Facebook profile was perfect in every way. It even bore Rahul Roy’s phone number – which co-incidently Roy has been using for many years now and has been published in various film directories. It had a complete list of all his films – including some of the latest unreleased projects which Rahul Roy has shot for, his residence and office address. In that sense it was a genuine fake.

Emboldened by the fact that the profile bore Rahul Roy’s phone number and address, she ventured a ‘hello’. About ten minutes into a routine, run-of-the-mill conversation regarding her work and acting career, the fake Rahul Roy said he was casting for a new film for his company Rahul Roy Productions and would like to consider her. An elated Arshi even volunteered to send her new portfolio pics. That is when Rahul Roy said he would like to see her in the ‘nude’ and that she could either strip on video chat or click some nude photographs with her mobile phone and upload them through Facebook chat.

When Arshi Khan shared the news with her manager and publicist he was surprised too. Her manager who happened to know Rahul Roy personally, messaged him asking for a clarification. This time around it was Rahul Roy turn to be shocked. He immediately denied the incident and issued a clarification. This is what Rahul Roy said:

“I have never had any Facebook profile. I am not only and social media networking site. Whoever is doing this is a fraud. This has sadly become the norm in the industry as we are soft targets. Whenever someone asks me about my Facebook profile or any social media, I always tell them that I do not trust social media. I do not rely on the internet or such ‘networking sites’ as anybody can misuse this anonymity and defraud unsuspecting people. I thank you for bringing this to my notice and will take necessary action.”

A little investigation by showed that the Facebook profile named Rahul Roy was created about a year ago. Some models even complained that the person behind the fake profile had even invited some models to a flat at New Mahada demanding sexual favors. Male models were asked for amounts ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 25 lakh to be given a role in Rahul Roy Productions’ projects.

Rahul Roy has completely denied these happenings. “I will take necessary action and get the profile deleted. We will also try to nab the scoundrel,” Roy told

In a similar incident UK-based celebrity glamour model Charlotte Springer’s website was hacked and hi-resolution fashion and glamour photographs stolen. The photographs have found their way on to Facebook on a fake profile named Sayali Wankhede – who claims to be an Indian-origin-NRI model and has been actively networking with Indian photographers and websites. Charlotte Springer in an official communication to revealed that her pics were misused and that Indian portals and photographers should beware of the fake Sayali Wankhede.








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Arshi Khan to feature in India’s first mainline Bollywood 4D historical film

Posted by Editor on January 29, 2014

Afghanistan-born, Bhopal-educated model and actress Arshi Khan will be seen in India’s first mainline Bollywood 4D historical action film tentatively titled “The Last Emperor“.

The film is produced by a Pune-based production house Ganesh Saraswati Films and will be directed by a well-known director from the south V Ganesh Kumar. Ganesh Saraswati Films is a tie-up between V Ganesh Kumar and Anand Saraswati Films of Pune owned partly by an NCP politician from the city.

The well-endowed and voluptuous Arshi Khan who has now made Mumbai her home says, “It’s a pleasure to be part of this project. The film covers a historical era and will portray the historical chronology of events in the late 16 and early 17th century in Maharashtra and south India. Maharashtra was ruled by the Mughals till the early 17th century after which the Marathas were the predominant power in the region. The film will portray the rule of the Nizamshahi of Ahmadnagar, Adilshah of Bijapur and the Qutubshah of Golkonda as well as the emergence of the Maratha kingdom in the mid 17th century as seen by British soldier. It also covers the death of the last Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1707 after an exhausting 27 years of futile war against the emerging Maratha power.

Arshi Khan was born in Afghanistan but came in India when she was just 4years old as her parents migrated back in India to Bhopal, she finished her school and college in Bhopal itself, and was attracted towards theater since her early childhood.  Acting brought her to Mumbai where she bagged many assignments in a short span of six months. She was introduced to the famous stage personality Janab Ehsaan Chishti, a famous director in theater in Bhopal. Says Arshi,  “Ehsaan ji thought that I have a attractive face and figure and if I try I can possibly make it as an actor.”  He used to instigate me, and it was at Ehsaan ji’s provocation that I started acting in various dramas in Bhopal city.  I started get offers for modeling, and that’s how got assignments for modeling for “Madame”, “Diesel Genes”, “Pepe Jeans”, “Agarwal  Jewelers” and many more.” She simultaneously got a break in a Tamil Film “Malli Mishtu” where she played the lead role opposite Tamil Star Naresh.

What is a 4D Film? 4D films combine a 3D film with additional physical effects that occur in a specially designed and constructed theater in synchronization with the film. 4D films are not actually four-dimensional in the geometric sense of the word. Because physical effects can be expensive to install, 4D films are most often presented in custom-built specialty theaters at special venues such as theme parks and amusement parks or malls. However, some movie theaters have the ability to present 4D versions of wide-release 3D films. The films Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008), and Avatar (2009) are among the films that have received a 4D treatment in certain theaters. Effects simulated in a 4D film may include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. Seats in 4D venues may vibrate or move a few inches during the presentations. Other common chair effects include air jets, water sprays, and leg and back ticklers. Hall effects may include smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and special smells or aromas.








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Shradha Sharma in the news

Posted by Editor on November 26, 2013


15th November, 2013: Mumbai: Shardha Sharma has come out to media after a long gap talks to media about drastic change in Bollywood Industry and her difficult journey from television to Bollywood.

Shardha who was out of media after her controversies with actor Raja chaudhary (Shwetha Tiwari’s Ex Husband) for a long time now talks to media and feels Hindi Film Industry has changed a lot now days items songs is done by Main lead actress Like Priyanka Chopra & Katrina Kaif where do we get the opportunity to perform and show our talent for which we known for.
Shradha Sharma had been auditioned for Dhoom 3 but unfortunately things did not work. Shradha sharma with her success on TV serial like ‘Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hai’ for Sahara One and Saarthi for Star Plus wants to get into Bollywood and wants to bag goog films rather then just doing . Like any other Tv star even shardha Sharma looks forward for big banner in Bollywood,but looking at the scenario she feel looks quite difficult as all the main lead actress are doing item song in almost all films.
Shardha Sharma just completed her Hindi Film as for an Item Song “Love in Tension”directed by “Geeta Tomer” wherein she will be seen performing a sexy sizzling item song” Meri Jawani Baihmaan Baihmaan” it’s a youth based Story.
After hit in South Shradha Sharma want to do good role in Bollywood. Shradha Sharma who ruled ad world with commercials for big brands & . She has done kannada film like Jeeva . The song in the movie, in which Shradha was picturized, made big news for the expensive set designed using 40,000 beer bottles.
Her Kannada Film ‘Jai ho’ was also a hit in south in which she did a lead role. Therefore she get offer for item song in bollywood. But after doing heroin role in kannada film ‘Jai ho’,she wants to do good role in hindi cinema. Shradha Sharma says, “ Now I want to do good and memorable role in hindi cinema.I don’t want to do only item songs. If I will get some good role with item song than I will do.”
Shradha Sharma known who was last seen in one of the most memorable incidents during her stint in the show is when she made the hottest hunks of Bollywood, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt dance to her tune Big Boss 5 as a contestant and controversy with actor raja chaudhary.
Shradha, who went to Bhopal for IAS preparations, started taking modeling assignments. She started her career with numerous add films for popular brands like Dettol, Lizol, Mortein and others. She played the lead roles in TV soaps like Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hain on sahara one, and Saarthi which was aired on Star Plus. . Tamil film maiyum kunte. Also, she was a part of Dance Reality Show raja maru rani yaru on sun tv..she did another dance reality show as a judge for big magic, reliance production.named mele ka big star.

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Actress Richa Pandey hot photo shoot by

Posted by Editor on October 4, 2013

actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (1) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (2) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (3) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (4) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (5) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (6) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (7) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (8) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (9) actress rachna pandey by newz66 photography (10)

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Nisha Sharma shoots with designer Randell Gomes’ khadi Sari and Anarkali collection

Posted by Editor on October 4, 2013

Tamil actress and model Nisha Sharma shot with Goa-born fashion designer Randell Gomes on Gandhi Jayanti for his hand-embroidered and embellished sari and Anarkali collection. The collection will be launched from his boutique in Margao in South Goa during Navratri and Dussera. 
Says designer Randell Gomes, “It’s a pleasure working with the very talented and bubbly model and actress Nisha Sharma who shares a great screen appeal and is fun to work with. This collection will be launched during Navaratri and is targeted at the working woman. Most sarees are ready to wear and can be put on with minimum of fuss, yet give the wearer a very regale and classy appeal. The are all hand-embellished and hand embroidered and contain exquisite hand work from different parts of India. The Anarkali collection is value for money and is available in various sizes, designs, silhouettes, cuts and fits and even for the plus-sized, middle-aged woman. He also launched a hand-embellished, hand-embroidered Anarkali line in pure Khadi in respect to the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi.”
Actress Nisha Sharma has been signed on for a big budget Tamil film to be jointly produced by Red Ruby Films of Mumbai and Vrindavaan Films. The film goes on floor on later on in October this year and features six well-known actors from the Tamil film industry. The shoot was co-ordinated by Newz66 Photography for designer Randell Gomes’ online shopping portal to be launched soon. Bollywood photographer Dilip Soni along with make man Ranjan Gaikwad and his team put in a lot of effort in shooting about 30 different changes at a make shift studio set up at a resort at Madh Island on the outskirts of Mumbai.
Says Nisha Sharma, “I love Randell Gomes’ sarees and Anarkalis. They have the perfect fit and are made with exquisite materials. There is no compromise on quality. Many designers use cheaper materials or look-alike material. Randell sticks to the original. I thank Newz66 Photography for the arrangements and co-ordination and for the entire shoot which went on like perfect clockwork without any glitches or problems.
Here a few pics from the Sari and Anarkali collection. The khadi product line photographs will be released during the launch of the collection.
nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (1) nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (2) nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (3) nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (4) nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (5) nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (6) nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (8) nisha sharma randell gomes newz66 khadi (9)

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Newz66 invites designers, photographers, models, stylists for Newz66 Photographixa

Posted by Editor on October 3, 2013

newz66 photographixa




Newz66 PhotoGraphixa – a unique exhibition and platform for photographers, makeup artistes, photo editors and photo designers of all genres, types and categories will kick off on Gandhi Jayanti – 2nd October in Mumbai. About 100-odd photographers and several others from the trade have already confirmed their participation.


Speaking to media persons in Mumbai, Flynn Remedios, editor and publisher, and president of the organizing committee of Newz66 PhotoGraphixa said, “Newz66 PhotoGraphixa is not just a photo exhibition, or a contest. It is an experience for photographers, models, art galleries and the like. Photographers will have to convey a message in their exhibits and will have to submit two images. The first image will have to be raw or unedited and the second image would have to be edited as per the creative conscience of the photographer. The idea is to encourage and bring together amateur photographers on a common platform and promote creative photography in India. We invite models, artistes and others from the trade to participate in this experience. Photographers, models, make up artistes, designers and others from the photography trade interested in participating or for further details can contact us at

Even photo editors, designers, creative artistes can participate in Newz66 PhotoGraphixa, explained Remedios.

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Model Rayya Labib dons her birthday suit for Newz66 Anti Tobacco Campaign

Posted by Editor on September 26, 2013




Model Rayya Labib has donned her birthday suit for the Newz66 Anti Tobacco Campaign which was shot by bollywood photographer Raju Asrani as part of the Newz66 Charity Shot.

The concept of the Newz66 Charity Shot is very simple. Models and actors donate 6 hours of their time for a concept photo shoot for an awareness campaign based on social issues like women’s empowerment, rape, cruelty to animals, anti tobacco, clothing for street kids, etc. has lined up over 30 male and female Tv actors and models who have volunteered to shoot for the concept. Each week we will release two new campaigns, says Flynn Remedios, Editor and Publisher,



model rayya labib newz66 anti tobacco campaign


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Nisha Sharma’s photo shoot for Indianwear

Posted by Editor on September 24, 2013

Nisha Sharma recently shot for fashion designer Randell Gomes Indian wear catalog.

Here are some of the photos…..

actress nisha sharma newz66 photo shoot (9) actress nisha sharma newz66 photo shoot (2) actress nisha sharma newz66 photo shoot (4)

Tamil actress Nisha Sharma recently shot for Goan fashion designer Randell Gomes for a high fashion concept shoot. Designer Randell Gomes will launch a line of branded pret-a-porter jewelry line or party wear jewelry line called Fashion Street Jewelry Collection.

The collection is inspired by Mumbai’s famous fashion street at Dhobitalao in south Mumbai where Randell Gomes spent most of his childhood. Though born in Goa, he completed his graduation from St Xavier’s College and would walk up and down the famous fashion street at least four times each day.

“I am greatly touched by the energy and enthusiasm of both the sellers and buyers – most of them youngsters and college kids – on fashion street. There is something for everyone or rather everything for everyone on fashion street. This jewelry collection is a tribute to the energy and joie de vivre of Bombay’s infamous Fashion Street,” says Randell Gomes.

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Actresses Swati Bajpai, Nisha Sharma attend a cultural program by Poddar International College for underprivileged school kids

Posted by Editor on September 23, 2013

Actresses Swati Bajpai and Nisha Sharma attended a charity event organized by the students of Poddar International College for the underprivileged school kids of the Chembur Balkanji Bari. They interacted and played with the students, gave away prizes and even danced with them during the 3-hour interaction.
Swati Bajpai has been acting in Zee TV’s daily soap Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein which has completed more than 400 episodes. She was also seen dance class show Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan, hosted by popular Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan, as one of Saroj Khan’s students. She has done several TV ads and walked the ramp for more than two dozen fashion designers in a career spanning over 5 years.
Mumbai-based Tamil actress Nisha Sharma will be seen in Ramesh Babu Nair’s latest Tamil film in a main lead which also stars Venkatesh and others. She is also shooting for two more Tamil projects produced by Vrindaavan Films.
Also present at the event were celebrity bollywood photographer Raju Asrani, the Dean of Poddar International College Kishore Pillai, College Board of directors member Balwindar Singh, President of the school Jaswinder Singh, Principal Renu along with students of the organizing committee  Arsh Khan, Saheb Bajaj, Murtuza, Duj Jain, Yashna and Jai Mavani.

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