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Did Gehana Vasisth slap Raja Chaudhary at a party?

Posted by Editor on August 6, 2012


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Well, well what do we have now? Last we heard controversial model and actress Gehana Vasisth and Raja Chaudhary were a couple. But then Gehana Vasisth went on record and clarified saying that Raja Chaudhary is “like her brother”.  Now, just a day later, we heard that all is not well between Gehana Vasisth and Raja Chaudhary. A little birdie told us that at a recent party (read couple of days ago), Gehana Vasisth was infuriated by Raja Chaudhary’s continnous advances and slapped him. Can you believe it? The aggressive macho male Raja Chaudhary slapped by a skinny Gehana Vasisth. We tried to contact Gehana for her version of what happened, but she was shooting and her phone was with her spot boy all day long.

However, explaining what happened that evening, our source said that Gehana was very cordial and friendly with Raja at the party. However, Raja was sozzled and kept on trying to hug Gehana. A couple of times, Gehana pushed him off subtly without creating a scene and went to the other end of the room, but then when Raja did it for the ninth time, a visibly angry Gehana Vasisth pushed him away and slapped him hard. A party animal who runs a hoarding company who was present at the party confirmed the incident. “Ji haan, Raja aur Gehana ke beech mein kuch gadbad hua, but they are a couple aur aise baatein hote hein,” he quipped.

Raja Chaudhary was unavailable for comment. But if this news is true, then Raja Chaudhary has finally found his match in Gehana Vasisth!

This is a unverified press release – Editor





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