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Gehana Vasisth to be arrested soon – Pune Police

Posted by Editor on August 6, 2012


The Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, police who are under great pressure from NGOs and local political bodies today claimed that Gehana Vasisth will be arrested soon. We have managed to track down her address and will be sending a team to Mumbai to arrest her, Senior Inspector of Police, Deccan Gymkhana Police Station told Indiyaah. Gehana Vasisth had promised to surrender at the police station by the 5th of August, but she has failed to do so and now we will arrest her from her home in Andheri West, Joshi told media persons on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Thane-based Bharatiya Swabhiman Sangathan, an NGO involved in rural welfare, has demanded the immediate arrest of Mumbai-based model and actress Gehna Vasisth based on a complaint registered by the Deccan Gymkhana police (Pune) on last Monday.

Social worker Ravindra V Brahme, 40, a resident of Ganeshkhind and National Secretary of the Lok Janashakti Party lodged a complaint at Deccan Gymkhana police on Monday evening under relevant sections of the Prevention of Insult to National Honor (amendment) Act.

According to the complaint, Gehna and others have used the Indian flag as bikini during a photo shoot on a beach. The photo shoot was uploaded by Gehna and her friends on two websites, besides circulated to various sections of the media for her own publicity.

This is the first case registered in this issue. Senior police inspector Manohar Joshi of Deccan Gymkhana police station was quoted as saying, “The model has been shown wearing a top and she has wrapped the national flag around her waist. The complainant objected to this and lodged a complaint.”

Pramod Joshi, Secretary of the Bharatiya Swabhiman Sangathan demanded why the defaulting model has not yet been arrested.

Speaking to a local newspaper in Thane, he said “The complaint was registered on Monday. Today is Saturday. Does it take the police six days to reach Mumbai from Pune. The Pune police could have asked the local Mumbai police for help in arresting Vasisth. Further, more insulting photos of Vasishth resembling Mother Mary but sporting a bikini have made their appearance on the internet. These antics demand a fresh case be registered for insulting the religious sentiments of a section of people. Vasisth’s whereabouts can be easily found out. She is a resident of Andheri West and has given several interviews to various TV channels. Why can’t the police track her down when she is doing such stunts insulting National Honour and religious sentiments merely for publicity?

Reacting on the issue Gehana Vasisth said, “I am not aware of any police complaint. However, I have requested my lawyer to look into the matter. The flag photos were my personal photos which were only on my laptop. I never distributed or authorized distribution of those photos. My former manager whom I have fired and filed a criminal complaint against Mr Hemanta Dasgputa had access to my laptop and I have a feeling that he must have copied those photos and is now using them to blackmail me. I have now appointed Pinnacle PR to look after my media co-ordination. Dasgupta is peeved about this development and is making false claims against me and spreading rumors in the industry that I am living-in with Raja Chaudhary, that I am married and so on and so forth.”





One Response to “Gehana Vasisth to be arrested soon – Pune Police”

  1. THE LIP said

    What GEHANA VaSISTH did was indeed a cheap publicity stunt to get instant fame like POONAM PANDEY but how does one justify the mob violence on her? What an individual does is a crime and needs immediate punishment but a mob can get away wid mass murders.What logic is this? So everyone wants GEHANA arrested and punished why not the photographer who did the shoot or the designer who draped the flag like a bikini around her.

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