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IAAF demands immediate arrest of model Gehana Vasisth for insulting the National Flag

Posted by Editor on August 7, 2012


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IAAF demands immediate arrest of model Gehana Vasisth for insulting the National Flag


Mumbai 7th August, 2012: The Indian Artistes and Actors Forum (IAAF) – the combined representative body of actors, artistes, producers, directors, technicians and other members of the film fraternity has demanded an immediate arrest of model and actress Gehena Vasisth for insulting the National Flag and National Honor.  Says producer and director Harish Jaiswal and a member of the IAAF, “Gehena Vasisth has insulted the National Flag and the nation at large by using the National Flag for her own personal publicity and mileage. This is amply proved in the expose by the newspaper Mumbai Mirror. Though an FIR was registered on 17th or 18th of July, the Pune police have yet to arrest Gehena Vasisth. The Mumbai police were quick to remove the posters of the film Jism 2, but they are still to take action against this model who is freely giving interviews all over Mumbai.”

“Now we have come to know through the media that the same Gehena Vasisth has publicly announced on national television that she will pose nude if India wins a gold medal at the Olympics. Such announcements are mere publicity stunts and the police should take strict action against these offenders. Police immediately act against producers, production houses, etc if film posters are found to be even slightly offensive. A producer spends crores to make a film and pays all taxes and duties. But he is immediately penalized by the police. However models like Gehena Vasisth, Poonam Pandey, Rozlyn Khan, Sherlyn Chopra and others who strip nude and publicly display their photos on Twitter, Facebook and on the internet are not at all penalized in any way. This is gross injustice. The law should be equal for everyone – producers and models alike. These are C-grade models who have no respect for national honor or the national flag and will do anything for publicity. Why are they not being pulled up, asked Jaiswal?”

The IAAF will approach the appropriate court for contempt action against the police if Gehena Vasisth is not arrested within 72 hours, said Jaiswal.



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