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Gehana Vasisth fights corruption with topless pix

Posted by Editor on August 9, 2012



While Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare chose public fasting as a method to protest against black money and corruption respectively, Gehana Vasisth has her own unique way. She has dedicated all her topless photos to the anti corruption movement. Corruption is one of the biggest problems facing India today and corruption exists in all sectors, both government and the private sector. There is a lot of corruption in the private sector too and even in some sections of the media. This is a very alarming fact. I am dedicating my topless photos towards this cause, says Gehana, adding, I hope the people of India take it all in the right spirit. “It is the cause that is important, not the means,” she explains, justifying her approach. We hope too that people will understand you, Gehana.






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