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Model Gehana Vasisth offered Rs 20 lakh for strip tease at Dahi Handi

Posted by Editor on August 9, 2012


By Rashmi Dutt – IndiYaah !!! News Network (INN)

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Dare-to-bare controversial model Gehana Vasisth who recently stripped nude for a cause to support Indian sports persons was approached by an event organizer of one of the larger Dahi Handi Mahotsavs or Mandals in Mumbai late on Wednesday night to do an impromptu strip tease and to strip to her inner wear or a bikini for a whooping compensation of Rs 20 lakhs. Here is the full story:

According to our sources there is a lot of secret rivalry and Dahi Handi Mahotsav organisers in Mumbai (like Ganesh Mandals) are competing with each other to be the biggest and most popular Dahi Handi Mahotsav in the city. To add to their woes, many news Tv channels have begun “charging” them for coverage and will only cover those Mandals who “pay” them for coverage or mileage.

To add spice to the event and hype up their own Mandal, one organizer approached Gehana Vasisth’s secretary Rajesh Singh with an innovative idea – Gehana Vasisth would be invited for the event as a celebrity. There as the rhythm picked up, she would “suddenly get into the mood and start stripping as the Govindas successfully reached higher and higher. For every level reached, Gehana Vasisth would remove one piece of her garments in full public view. And as and when the Handi was broken, Gehana Vasisth would take it all off just down to her bare necessities or inner wear in the presence of a TV news channel camera and popping flash bulbs. Overnight, the Mandal and Gehana Vasisth would be instant celebrities all over India. While this entire stunt was pre-planned, it would have to be executed as though Gehana Vasisth did it on her own free will and in the spirit of the moment.

And the price tag – hold your breath folks – Gehana Vasisth was offered a whopping Rs 20 lakh for an approximate ten minute live strip tease in front of hundreds of cheering Govindas and one Tv channel – which was promised exclusivity – and whose TRPs would soar through the roof when this footage was aired. We have learnt that one national TV channel was also part of this plan and the Rs 20 lakh would have been partly contributed by that particular Tv channel for exclusive rights to the footage. We have also learnt that 3 more item girls or strippers were also approached with similar publicity stunt strategies. It remains to be seen which drama queen pulls off which stunt this season.

Gehana Vasisth was unavailable for comment, but her secretary Rajesh Singh officially confirmed that he did get such a request from a Dahi Handi Mandal. When we asked him if Gehana Vasisth or he (on her behalf) had accepted the tempting Rs 20 lakh offer, he quipped, “Wait for one day and you will know. Time will tell.” When queried about which TV channel was associated with the event, he promptly replied, “The TV channel that blanks out this expose is obviously the channel.”






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