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Gehana Vasisth is diabetic, suffers from low blood pressure and is innocent, says publicist

Posted by Editor on August 18, 2012




Gehana Vasisth who was arrested on Saturday morning by the Pune police from her residence at Oshiwara near Lokhandwala in suburban Mumbai will be produced in the Shivaji Nagar Magistrate’s holiday court on Sunday as the courts are closed due to the three consecutive public holidays.  She has been taken to a local hospital first for a medical checkup. The police have to produce an accused before a magistrate or court within 24 hours of arrest. Gehana Vasisth is suffering from low blood sugar and is a diabetic. She also has low blood pressure and is under treatment for various ailments, her spokesperson Flynn Remedios informed. She was hospitalized last week and hence was not able to attend the police station.

Her publicist said that Gehana Vasisth was innocent and the alleged photo shoot was not done by her. The photos were uploaded by her former publicist Hemanta Dasgupta, against whom she has already filed a police complaint. The alleged flag photo was shot by some friends in Chhattisgarh last year while on a holiday. The photos were never made public by Gehana Vasisth, but when she fell out with her former PR, all hell broke loose. He also released some unedited so-called nude photos.

“We will file a bail application immediately, said Remedios, adding that the police should focus on more important things and arrest rapists and eve-teasers instead of arresting a model who unknowingly has become the focus of all media attention. Gehana Vasisth is a 21-year-old who does not know the law and the legal provisions. I told her to apply for anticipatory bail, but she kept saying that she had done no wrong. She is an engineer by qualification and has worked in the information technology sector before becoming a model. She has done 8 films in the last two years including Daal Mein Kuch Kala Hein, featuring Veena Malik which released recently and Kaanch by Kalpana Lajmi which is yet to release. Gehana Vasisth has featured in about 10 music videos till date. She is a hard-working model who like anybody else does aspire for name and fame, but is really naïve about the law, said Remedios.

Gehana Vasisth was made a scapegoat by some unscrupulous criminal elements who got hold of some unedited video footage and then demanded Rs 50,000/- from her to keep the video footage under wraps. When she refused to pay them, they passed on the unedited video to some media person, Remedios claimed defending his client.










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