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Tv actress Manisha Yadav in Bigg Boss 6

Posted by Editor on September 21, 2012


If a little birdie is to be believed, Tv actress Manisha Yadav, strip queen Gehana Vasisth and other two Bhojpuri actresses may be participants in Bigg Boss 6. Manisha Yadav who is shooting for a popular TV serial was not available for comment and Gehana Vasisth is currently shooting for a Telugu film in Chennai. The otherwise motor mouth Gehana Vasisth also refused to say anything about her participation in Bigg Boss.

This year Bigg Boss will be a comparatively quieter affair, but Nupur Mehta has gone to town with her verbal diarrhea about how she will not be cowed down and give the other contestants a run for their money. Colors has roped in all the saas-bahus for this year’s show said a source from the channel and the show could be a remake of one of Ekta Kapoor’s popular TV soaps, except that it would all be live and sans make up.





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