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Singer Santosh K S gifts you a romantic song for 2013 featuring Gehana Vasisth : JAANA

Posted by Editor on January 3, 2013

So, how did you ring in the New Year? Well our friend and well-known singer Santosh KS has got you a foot-tapping track Janna which has become very popular in a very short span. Even those who do not understand Hindi including audiences in the south have praised the track for its peppy tune and crispy jingle. Says Santosh K S, “My track Jaana marks the return of melody and romance. This is a song one can listen to or hum or even groove to. It is also a soothing track that you can listen to after a days’ work.” If music be the food of love.. then play on

Model and actress Gehana Vasisth and Nitin add some glamour to the video of the track which was shot at the Arnala Fort near Mumbai

Professional Credits for the track Jaana


Produced By: Smieta Deb
Directed By : Rahul Singh
Music : Dhaval Vora & Bikramjit Ranjha
Singer : Santosh K.S
Lyrics : Smieta Deb
Models : Gehana Vasisth & Nitin Singh
Sound Designer : Bikramjit Ranjha
Studio: Platinum Recording Studio ( Goregaon)
Edited by : Adya
Art : Pappu
Makeup : Raju Bhai
Shooting Location: Arnala Fort 
Camera Man: Rahul Saxena

For more information go to:


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