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Nisha Sharma’s stripping act against mosquitoes irks real estate agents in Lokhandwala

Posted by Editor on September 23, 2013

nisha sharma goes nude for newz66

We are not sure if actress Nisha Sharma’s stripping act made any impact on the mosquitoes in Mumbai, but real estate agents in Mahada, new Mahada, Oshiwara, Lokhandwala, etc are up in arms against the 22-year-old. Says Amit Sharma a real estate agent in new Mahada and secretary of the Lokhandwala-Oshiwara Real Estate Agents Association, ” As such the demand for short-term accommodation in the Oshiwara, Lokhandwala, Four Bungalows belt has fallen due to the extremely high prices and the availability of cheaper options in the Goregaon-Malad belt. Smaller agents depend on the the short-term staying leave-and-license and PG type of clients for their daily bread. The mosquito and dengue scare in new Mahada has send shivers down the spines of smaller real estate agents who fear that their business will be greatly impacted as clients will start negotiating harder on rents.” Mohan Shetty also an agent from Oshiwara concurs with Amit Sharma, “The mosquito menace is everywhere. Why only highlight Oshiwara and Mahada,” he asks?

Model and actress Nisha Sharma had stripped nude for a photo campaign to protest against the mosquito menace in Mumbai and the apathy of the municipal authorities in curbing the nuisance. According to Nisha Sharma, “I have been living at Oshiwara for a few years now. The mosquito menace is overwhelming. Several areas of the posh Lokhandwala and its surrounding localities including the Lokhandwala back road, New Mahada, Mahada Four Bungalows, Versova, etc are plagued by mosquitoes.”

“Ask any resident of Mahada Four Bungalows or Oshiwara and they will agree wih me. We have written several letters to the BMC but nothing is done. A few years ago, fumigating and fogging was done by the BMC several times before, after and during the monsoon season. This year, the fogging staff is nowhere to be seen. Other areas around Mumbai are also plagued by the mosquito menace. The government is cracking down on the Film industry in terms of service and income tax. But the government is not least bothered about giving us a mosquito-free environment to work in. Be it Madh Island – where most film and Tv serials are shot these days, or Bhandup, or Mira Road and Bhayandar, all these areas are heavily mosquito infested. We have to shoot and work in mosquito-infested locations. Then when we get home, we have to live in a mosquito-infested area where the real estate prices are coincidently some of the highest in the country. To add to this, there has been a dengue scare in Lokhandwala and Mahada as 4 persons have exhibited dengue-like symptoms over the last few days. As far as I know, no anti-mosquito fogging was done this entire monsoon season in the Mahada area. Is this the city we get to live in spite of paying such huge taxes? Taxes in Mumbai are far higher than other nearby city say Panaji or Margao in Goa which are surprisingly mosquito free in spite of being surrounded by water bodies.”

This anti mosquito, anti malaria photo campaign titled BAM or Blast Away Malaria is part of the Charity Shot, wherein models and actors donate 6-8 hours of their time for a cause like animal welfare, clothing for street kids, or other civic issues, in association with photographer Raju Asrani, Zoom Studios, photo editor Dilip Soni and makeup and makeover expert Ranjan Gaikwad. Says Flynn Remedios, editor of, “We are thankful to all these people for helping us get the campaign on the road. We invite more participants and volunteers to come up with ideas, concepts and themes and artistes and actors to donate their time to shoot for similar concepts. We request the media including social media to support us in these efforts which are non-profit and are not publicity stunts, but genuine efforts highlight issues.”

The campaign is active on social media including Facebook, Twitter and several other participating websites.


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