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SHOCKING: Rahul Roy asks Arshi Khan to strip?

Posted by Editor on February 7, 2014

Model and actress Arshi Khan was shocked and dumbfounded when Mahesh Bhatt Production’s Aashiqui hero Rahul Roy,  who was on her friend list on Facebook asked her to send nude images via the popular social networking site. The 25-year-old Afghanistan-born was too surprised to say anything. Being an Aashiqui fan, Arshi had Rahul Roy on her friend’s list for quite some time now, though she had never chatted with the person behind the profile.

On Sunday, when she received a ‘hi’ she was intrigued. They say, once bitten, twice shy. After a fake Huma Qureshi demanded money for some social work, Arshi was doubly careful. She checked the profile before venturing a reply. The Rahul Roy Facebook profile was perfect in every way. It even bore Rahul Roy’s phone number – which co-incidently Roy has been using for many years now and has been published in various film directories. It had a complete list of all his films – including some of the latest unreleased projects which Rahul Roy has shot for, his residence and office address. In that sense it was a genuine fake.

Emboldened by the fact that the profile bore Rahul Roy’s phone number and address, she ventured a ‘hello’. About ten minutes into a routine, run-of-the-mill conversation regarding her work and acting career, the fake Rahul Roy said he was casting for a new film for his company Rahul Roy Productions and would like to consider her. An elated Arshi even volunteered to send her new portfolio pics. That is when Rahul Roy said he would like to see her in the ‘nude’ and that she could either strip on video chat or click some nude photographs with her mobile phone and upload them through Facebook chat.

When Arshi Khan shared the news with her manager and publicist he was surprised too. Her manager who happened to know Rahul Roy personally, messaged him asking for a clarification. This time around it was Rahul Roy turn to be shocked. He immediately denied the incident and issued a clarification. This is what Rahul Roy said:

“I have never had any Facebook profile. I am not only and social media networking site. Whoever is doing this is a fraud. This has sadly become the norm in the industry as we are soft targets. Whenever someone asks me about my Facebook profile or any social media, I always tell them that I do not trust social media. I do not rely on the internet or such ‘networking sites’ as anybody can misuse this anonymity and defraud unsuspecting people. I thank you for bringing this to my notice and will take necessary action.”

A little investigation by showed that the Facebook profile named Rahul Roy was created about a year ago. Some models even complained that the person behind the fake profile had even invited some models to a flat at New Mahada demanding sexual favors. Male models were asked for amounts ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 25 lakh to be given a role in Rahul Roy Productions’ projects.

Rahul Roy has completely denied these happenings. “I will take necessary action and get the profile deleted. We will also try to nab the scoundrel,” Roy told

In a similar incident UK-based celebrity glamour model Charlotte Springer’s website was hacked and hi-resolution fashion and glamour photographs stolen. The photographs have found their way on to Facebook on a fake profile named Sayali Wankhede – who claims to be an Indian-origin-NRI model and has been actively networking with Indian photographers and websites. Charlotte Springer in an official communication to revealed that her pics were misused and that Indian portals and photographers should beware of the fake Sayali Wankhede.









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