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To access thousands of model portfolios, photographs, etc


Models, actors, artistes etc who wish to be featured in this section FREE OF COST can email their photographs and bio data to BAT.KRAZEEBAT @ GMAIL.COM.



1. Submitting your photos, biodata, articles, writeups, etc for editorial work, editorial promotion and editorial shoots FOR THE MODELS GALLERY means that you permit KrazeeBat and its associated magazines, publications, newspapers (fashion magazines, news magazines, women’s magazines, daily newspapers, etc) and blogs and websites to use your photos, articles, write ups and details in their magazines, publications, newspapers and websites for an indefinite period.

2. There is no payment for editorial shoots and editorial work and you accept the same and waive any and every right to any monetary compensation either now or in the future.

3. Photos, videos, articles, etc once used or published in our associated magazines, newspapers, websites, etc become the editorial and intellectual property of KrazeeBat and KrazeeBat will have all the copyrights and IPR for these published images.

4. No photographer or model or agency or individual except KrazeeBat (unless specified) will have any rights to these photos once they are published by KrazeeBat.

5. Photos or videos or articles submitted by you or your representative or agency or co-ordinator or photographer or manager or publicist once published by KrazeeBat are the sole copyrighted property of KrazeeBat and will not be removed or deleted at a later date.

6. A processing fee or syndication fee of Rs 2000 may be chargeable in certain cases. Pls check and confirm the same in your case. If you wish to remove any photos or content at a later date, a charge of Rs 2000/- (Two thousand only) per article or page will be applicable which please note.

7. KrazeeBat will distribute your photos to various other magazines, newspapers, news channels, TV channels agencies, ad agencies,etc for your promotion and publicity and you have no objection to the same.

8. KrazeeBat and its associates publications, newspapers, magazines and websites will promote you and use your photos, write ups, articles, etc in the best possible way in all media including Facebook YouTube (in case of videos) and Twitter (where possible or required) they deem fit for your promotion and publicity as well as mutual benefit, depending on the individual profile, but cannot be held responsible in anyway for acts, deeds or reactions beyond their direct control.  For any clarifications or complaints or further details regarding editorial content please write to bat.KrazeeBat at

9. Ad Agencies, Event companies and others who may wish to book these models and artistes for any shows, shoots or events may contact bat.KrazeeBat at giving complete details of your shoot or event or show. Please note an agency commission of 15 per cent will be applicable.

10. Copying, reuse, re-blogging or sale of photographs is strictly prohibited and is a criminal and civil offense.


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